Saturday, February 7, 2009

One of His Favorites...

Caleb loves going to Grandma and Grandpa McCarty's house. There are many reasons he loves it there, but lately, there is one thing in particular that he is especially fond of - fire! We do not have a fireplace at our house, so this is a special treat at my parents'.

Every time we get to their house, Caleb "asks" Grandpa to make a fire. (His "asking" entails running over to the fireplace, pointing at it, and saying "hot".) And Grandpa, being the good Grandpa that he is, always obliges. (It doesn't hurt that we ALL enjoy a warm, cozy fire!)

Not only does Caleb enjoy the fire itself, he actually loves to help make it! Here are some pictures from last weekend...

Step 1: Grandpa brings in some wood from the woodpile outside. (Note: My dad actually chops all of the wood himself!!)

Step 2: Caleb helps Grandpa put all the wood into the basket.

Step 3: Caleb helps Grandpa put the wood on the fire!

Thanks, Caleb, for helping Grandpa make a nice fire for us all to enjoy!


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