Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Caleb loves to "shoot hoops." He and Daddy play almost nightly. And, he and I play during the day as well. He loves any ball, big or small. He "shoots" them into boxes, baskets, the hoop, and the bathtub! Oh, and the sink...can't forget about that one. He is getting pretty good aim, and it is so fun to see his reactions when he makes a basket, or misses one.

As tall as he is, Caleb is not really tall enough to shoot from standing on the ground...he much prefers to "slam dunk" it, or shoot from above the rim...and honestly, who doesn't prefer that advantage?! Anyway, we are working on teaching him how to shoot it from a standing position on the ground....although the "drills" shown below are no such attempts.

Here is some footage from our latest practice. =)

I am fully aware that it is probably not the safest thing to have him standing on the bed....but, we were both there to make sure he didn't fall off. I promise. =)


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