Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fresh Air

After confining ourselves to the warmth of our house the past few days because of ridiculously cold temperatures, we were excited to get out and get some fresh air today. Though it was still pretty cold, the sun was shining and there was not too much wind. We (Kris, Aunt Heidi, and myself) took Caleb for a "walk" around the block. He enjoyed being outside and had fun on the sled, especially when Daddy went fast!

***Sorry for the amateur videotaping skills....I was running alongside Kris and Caleb (hence, the shakiness). And, please don't mind my LOUD voice. I never seem to remember that the video camera picks up my voice quite well. =) Oh, and after the fact, I realized that I should have been on the other side of Caleb so that his face was in the sun. Lessons learned....


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