Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 26

 Caleb helped pull up the old and super-icky floor in our basement.  He also helped vacuum up the debris & dust.

 Watching Daddy do some work.

Old color is that blue on the far wall.  The new color is gray.  We've also painted some accent walls in an orange (Kris' choice but I must admit I like it!)...pictures of that (and new floors) to come...hopefully soon. ;)


 Meredith and her friend at swim lessons.  Twins!

U2 concert for the big people.  Thanks to Kyle for the tickets!!

 Ice cream at Kimmer's and a walk downtown STC...

Inside-Out (such a cute movie!) with friends...

Fun in the sand, waiting for lessons to start...

 With a buddy at Hawk's Hollow...

The Cardinals are in town!  Caleb was super excited to go see them play the Cubs at Wrigley.

The apple doesn't fall far...

 Hard to see, but one night after the kids were supposed to be going to sleep, I peeked in the girls' room to see Meredith in Norah's bed reading to her. While there are times I wish we had enough bedrooms for everyone to have their own, these moments remind me that their sharing of rooms is actually quite special.

 She's becoming quite the little reader.

 She got a new water bottle.  He old one was pretty gross and falling apart, but she was a bit attached to it.  Thankfully, she was happy enough to pick out a new one and trash the old.

 Thanks to Norah, these 2 lovely (albeit a *tad* underdressed) ladies got to go on a picnic and enjoy some applesauce.


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