Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th 2015

 My & Meredith's festive toes!


Annual tradition....the parade!

We have loved having the Phillips fam in town.  The kiddos had fun having a sleepover on Friday night and were so happy to have them join us for the parade!

 Norah and Evangeline love each other.  Norah pronounces her name "E-vaseline" and its so sweet and cute that I kind of hope she doesn't learn to pronounce it correctly. ;)

 These boys.

 Notice Meredith's super-stuffed bag.  We were on a corner, and she would get candy from our main spot and then book it around the corner to get more.  We were quite impressed with her sneaky skills. love love when everyone's in town!!

 When we were in FL last year, we got a birthday cake and sang "Happy Birthday to Everyone"....since we are never all together for birthdays, this has become a bit of a tradition.




Staying up late isn't easy!!


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