Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 27

 Last week, when Kris and Caleb went to the Cubs/Cards game, I took the little 3 to IHOP for 57 cent short stacks!

 After pancakes, we browsed the toy section at Target.  Can you find all 3?

So we officially have some ORANGE walls in the basement!  We also have lots of boxes of flooring.  Hoping to get that installed this weekend!

The kids did some art work to hang in the basement...they could use whichever colors they liked, though they had to have at least a little bit of orange in there. ;)

 Final products.  Top - Caleb, Meredith.  Bottom - Shane, Norah.  Can't wait to hang them. :)

 Enjoying the new playground at church this past Sunday!

 End-of-season pizza party for C's baseball team...

 "Make rainbow self!"

She loves her new "penguin"!  She also loooooooves the pool like everyone else. Our "1/2 season pass" just started this past Saturday and we spent Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons there.  #poolrats ;)

 When the 4 year old is in charge of washing the windows...

Despite our best efforts at fertilizing and weed-killing, we just couldn't keep up.  So we caved and hired some pros to come regularly throughout the year.  Today was their first visit.  I will NOT be hiring someone to mow the lawn though.  That's my fave chore! ;)

We participated in a church wide food collection last weekend called Canning Hunger.  We went door to door in our neighborhood to ask neighbors to help out and this is what we got!

 Shane was a little too quiet out there.  Little stinker "chainsawed" off some of our hydrangeas.


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