Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 28

Puzzle time.

Soccer rocker.

 "Have baby in belly!"

 We went to the most fun party this weekend. Tons of friends and lots of things to do, including this amazing pond in which to swim & play.  Caleb loved navigating the kayak.

 They also had a fun are some quick clips of some of the many rides the kids took!

Mom & Shane...


Meredith & Dad...

Shane on his own...

 Making puppets.

 Super Norah!

 Snuggles.  Love these precious babes.

 We got a foosball table!  Since the basement is still not done, it's parked (without legs) in the living room for now.  We are having lots of fun with it.

 Dinner on the deck.

 Grandma got him a big boy Lego set!

 One morning while the bigs were at VBS, Norah and I visited the park in our old 'hood.

 We also visited the pet store.  I may or may not have almost come home with a baby bunny.

 On the last VBS morning, Norah joined me for a pedicure.  She just sat on my lap and snuggled with me for the entire hour.

 Just being silly.

 This girl's preferred sleepwear - Daddy's soccer jerseys.

 Workerman Shane (and Grandpa!) on the job.

 Lunch at Auntie Heidi's!

 Practicing their VBS songs!


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