Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 22

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to celebrate my HS basketball coach's retirement from coaching.  I'm so thankful to have played for such amazing coaches and with such amazing friends throughout my career.

 All 12 of our kids were with their grandparents for the evening, so we (along with our husbands) had a kid-free night of dinner & ice cream!  I love these girls and I am so thankful we have managed to stay in regular contact.


 A friend and I co-chair the Staff Appreciation Committee at the kids' school.  Each month we celebrate the teachers & staff in some way, through a meal or a gift.  In May, we amp it up because of teacher appreciation week and we do several things throughout the month.  We recently had our last event of the year - a sweets table for them.  Pictured below are lemon bars that I made....sooo yummy.  Check out the Pioneer Woman's recipe here.

 Nic and her family came up for Memorial Day yesterday!  I just love spending time with her & Jason, and all 6 of their kiddos!  I took a fun photo of all of the kids on my real camera, but I can't post that here b/c it doesn't qualify for "phone photo dump". ;)  Look for that later this week!




 Little girl helping the littlest girl get the ball in the hoop.  Love when I capture these moments!

 P is for Pajamas Day at school!  The Kinders "countdown" the last 26 days of the year by having a theme for each day that starts with a letter of the alphabet.  Meredith has just loved it.


 Brother Snuggles.

Being Silly!

 This girl is obsessed with the "It's raining, it's pouring..." song and you can often find her singing it while traipsing around with an umbrella.  Whether it's actually raining or not!

And, a little soccer practice for this one.  She is an expert trapper!

Rainy walk to the bus!

 She had a phantom owie.  But every phantom owie needs a real bandaid, right?


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