Sunday, May 10, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 20

 Oh you know.  Just going for a little drive.

 Hat Day at school...Meredith borrowed this super cute hat from her friend E!

 We finally got to a local high school game!  This was a big one - East vs. North (cross-town rivals!), girls' soccer.  We all had a blast!  Meredith has already made up her mind that she wants to be out on that field someday.  Go girl!


 Mother's Day!  I laugh (out loud) every time I look at Shane in the 2nd picture!

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...

And, sweet gifts from the big kiddos, done at school...

From my big guy...

 From my big girl...

 I love you because...
1. you take care of me wen im sike (sick)
2.  you make my lunch
3.  you make my brekfist
4. you let me sleep in your bed
5. you help make my bed
6. you teeth (teach) me how to make prensesseses (princesses)
7. you sing sogs (songs) to me
8. you love me

As I was opening gifts from C & M, Shane realized he didn't have anything to give me.  He ran into the kitchen quickly to make me these last-minute drawings.  He is just so sweet!

Last week on Daddy's late-at-work night (ie: the night that Mommy tries anything to break up the loooong stretch from after school/naps until bedtime), we had an impromptu outing...a drive through DQ for dilly bars before dinner (such rebels, we are!), a stop at The Rocket Ship Park, and homemade banana pancakes on the deck for dinner.

 These pictures crack me up.  All except Norah smiling in picture #1.  Only Norah smiling in picture #2.

 She loves to dress up.  And to wear slippers.

She loves the perplexus ball.  And during the afternoons, while C is at school and the little two are napping, she loves to sit on this bench by our front window.   She reads, likes to do crossword puzzles, or sometimes we play UNO on this bench.  I have dreams of one day building a custom bench that spans the entire length of the window.

She also loves bugs.  See the (3) little slugs (roly polies?) on her hands?  I am so not a bugs person.  But I pretend to think that they are the coolest ever.  Shh....don't tell.

Getting their nails prettied!

Learning early on that waiting for nails to dry is

 The girl loves play-doh!

And I love snuggles with her.


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