Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 19

 The kids each picked out some flowers to plant in their own pots.  They had so much fun and so far are taking very good care of their flowers!

 Norah, Caleb and Meredith all chose flowers that need sun.  Shane's flowers are a bit more shade-friendly so his are in a different spot. :)

 After school playdate with friend A!

 Norah came with me to the elem. school this week for an event I was helping with.  She loves all the foxes around the school, and was enamored with this wall painting.  She kept exclaiming "he lookey me!" (he's looking at me), and would put her nose to the wall and give the fox a kiss.

Last week was the last night of AWANA for the year.  I absolutely love how our church recognizes each kid.  Not only do they present them with their book awards, but each child is given a certificate and recognized for a particular character quality.  Because both Kris & I volunteer at AWANA, it was a bit tricky to sneak away from our own responsibilities to see the kids' honored, but it worked out for Kris to see Meredith and me to see Caleb.  Meredith was given the word "Discerning" and Caleb was given the word "Dilligence".  The teachers choose Bible verses that speak to the character qualities.  It's such a great gesture and I feel very blessed that our church cares so much for our kids.




This girl.  She had a little too much fun with the Vaseline.  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but her face was lathered.  And shiny.

 Meredith's hula hoop got stuck in the tree.  Here she is jumping on the storage box to try and reach it.  Not a bad attempt!

 Oh my heart.

Last minute decision to visit Daddy at his office one night (and eat Chik-Fil-A!)


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