Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 21

We gave potty training a try.  And then soon gave up.  I despise potty training.  My least favorite parental responsibility to date.  She won't go to kinder in diapers, she won't go to kinder in diapers, she won't go to kinder in diapers...

Story time at the library!


We got to visit Meredith and their classroom chicks!

This boy has an appetite!  This particular breakfast included several scrambled eggs, a banana, 2 pieces of toast and OJ....and if I remember right, he was still hungry!  Shane has also been asking for "daddy-sized plates" lately. :) I remember my little brother having a huge appetite also.  I joke that I am going to need to get a job just to feed my boys!

Shane is done with school for the year!  He is so excited and ready for preschool at Bethlehem in the Fall.

Helping the neighbors with some yard work.

Trip to Old Navy with my girl...


Flowers!  Weeds!  Whatever they are, she loves them!


While Kris traveled last week for work, the kids took turn sleeping in my bed at night.


Sassy Soccer Sweetie.

Pringles on the driveway.  Life is good.

Love this.  Meredith drew a rainbow with chalk and wrote (though it's hard to read) God Keeps His Promises.

I'm really glad Daddy likes to play chess, because the kids love it and I.Do.Not.


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