Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 18

Baby is no longer in a crib.  Waaaahhhhh:(  Because my dad built our crib, and it is an amazingly beautiful and well-crafted piece of furniture, I couldn't bear to just store it in the basement.  So it's currently assembled in our guest room just waiting for any itty bitty Safe Families kiddos we may have the opportunity to care for.
Movie Night!  Penguins of Madagascar...
Looking way too old.  Whenever I first glance at this picture, I think it is Meredith.
Aside from being a bit short, Caleb's next-size-up coat fits me.  What the what.
New (to her) helmet!
While her first official visit was this past Fall, last week Norah had a full dental cleaning/exam, and she didn't even need Mommy to go back there with her!

New sand!
 We have an area near one of the sides of our house that has been looking a little rough.  Grass wasn't growing well there, so we decided to dig up the patches of grass that were there and create an area to mulch and possibly plant some low-maintenance flowers.  One afternoon, I decided to just start the process and I am pretty proud of my efforts.  It was a bit more difficult than I anticipated to remove the grass, so it was a good workout.  It helped to have some little helpers. ;)

Partially finished!
Pretty much done!  Just needs some mulch.
Dandelion Bouquets!  I just love how excited kids get about these "flowers".  We currently have 2 glasses full of them on our kitchen table.

Pick-Up game.  Caleb especially has been loving basketball.  He always asks to go shoot hoops, and loves to play p-i-g.  I don't think I need to tell you how happy this makes me. ;)  Can't wait to sign them up for a new bball league next winter.
She was so proud to come home with her first chapter book from school (Stuart Little).  We went to the library later this day and she checked out several more chapter books.
Underdog!  These two adore each other.
UNO on the front porch.
Puzzles at the library.
My little worker bee always wants to help.  He was ecstatic when I asked him to empty the dishwasher.
Beautiful tulips (and a beautiful girl) in our front yard.


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