Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Phone Photo Dump 16

These 2 love the rice-n-beans bin.  It's been put away for a while since its usual spot has been taken over by chickens, but I'm sure we will get it back out soon.
Waiting for the 1st chickie to hatch!  The kids got to see it from start  to finish and they were so excited!
Much anticipation upon seeing a crack!

 And a video of that 1st hatching!  Poor kiddos....all 5 of them were trying to fight for the best viewing positiong!

So cute!
We ended up with 8!
Swinging from branches during brother's soccer practice!

The other day she said to me..."I'm so glad we have the chickies because I love them.  And they love me.  I'm the chickie mama."
One afternoon, I was dragging.  I wanted to rest on the couch and I invited my big girl to join me.  She was out within just a few minutes.
Big Girl Swing!
 Littlest chickie mama and some of her babies. ;)

 Making breakfast-for-dinner...

Easter baskets, ready for Sunday morning!
Last week was Spring Break, and thankfully we had some days of really nice weather.  That calls for lunch outside!
Our baby is getting so big.  I can hardly stand it.


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