Sunday, January 11, 2015

We Love Our Church


 This weekend our church celebrated its 30th anniversary!  This morning's service was God-honoring and reminiscent.  And we all got new shirts (and cake pops, yum!) as a fun bonus!  

After lots of years, memories, friends, and familiarity at our former church, the transition to this new one a year and a half ago was not super easy for me (although everyone else in the fam was just fine!).  But the Lord showed His faithfulness (like He always does) to me in so many ways and He brought me to a place of true thankfulness for our new church home.  It's a warm and safe place where His Word is foundational, His name is worshiped, and His people are loving and compassionate.  We feel cared for and our kids are cared for.   Everything there is done with such intentionality and thought.  We have learned and grown and made new and wonderful friends.  I'm so excited to continue living life with people there, and I am beyond grateful for the children's and youth ministries in place that will help us in guiding our kiddos to love Jesus and to be more like Him.  While we haven't been there for much of its 30 year existence, we have been there long enough to know that we really do love our church!


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