Thursday, January 1, 2015

NYE 2014

 Our NYE was a lot of fun!  This year we decided to change things up a typically-content-to-stay-at-home-in-jammies self has been extra eager lately to go out and do stuff.  So, we went with some friends to Funway for their Family Skate event.  The kids had fun eating pizza (and drinking lemonade/Sprite - a big treat!), rollerskating, playing games, and celebrating the new year with hats, noisemakers, and a balloon drop at 9:00.   Oh, and as an added bonus...I won the women's ages 18+ race, haha!

**Sorry for the blurry cell pictures!**

Ready for a fun night!
So excited!
This girl was a star, despite the evening not holding too much toddler-sized fun!
My teeny yet determined little girl ready to race with the big kids! She didn't win.  And wasn't too pleased.
Taking a break!
This boy has pretty much become a "skatemate" pro...
My skating partner...
Mer and her BFF
2 of the sweetest girls I know!
The gang.  Minus baby A.
Happy New Year!
The kids have been asking to have a sleepover in the basement, and we figured that NYE was as good a time as any.  So, after we returned from roller skating, we got in our comfies, dragged blankets and pillows downstairs and settled in to eat popcorn and watch Rio2 (great movie, by the way!)...we were shocked that the kids (minus Norah who we put to bed 1/2 way through the movie) made it all the way until midnight.  We toasted with our sparkling juice at 12 am, and then it was lights out (although only after explaining to Shane that no, we aren't going to eat toast...)

We are headed downtown chi-town later today for some more last-minute fun, so stay tuned for some pictures of that soon.  Happy New Year to you!


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