Monday, April 28, 2014

Phone Photo Dump 9

 The latest installment!

Over the past several days, our baby chicks have been the highlight of our lives!  Here's a picture of our 3 biggest holding the first 3 chicks to hatch.

Of all the kids, Meredith definitely loved our babies the most.  She spent so much time with them.  Such a sweetie.

They "graduated" to a pool for more room.

Two chickies taking a field trip to visit Meredith and her friends at preschool.

And finally, ALL the chicks taking a car ride to their permanent residences!

4 of them in their new home...sweet setup!

Our friend's mom showing the kids the eggs their hens laid that day...


Kids had a great time taking a ride through the woods and chasing the grown-up hens...

After Meredith's Kidnergarten Preview, her and I went to get frozen yogurt!

It's rare when ALL 4 kids can manage to play with the trains at the same time and nicely.

Trip to the park with the little 2 while the big kids are at school...

Jelly Bean bar at church on Easter Sunday...

Enjoying having the girls' room all to herself...

More park time!


Bike ride...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kinder Preview

Yesterday, we took Meredith to her Kindergarten preview day.  We got to see her school, her classroom, and meet the Kindergarten teachers.  While Meredith and some other soon-to-be-Kindergartners listened to a story, played, and did a craft, the parents sat in on an informative presentation about what to expect next year and how to get the little ones ready for their 1st big school year.

About a month or so ago, we were informed that our base school isn't going to offer half-day Kindergarten (due to most families preferring full day), and if we still wanted to stick with half-day, she can be bussed to another district school (that is thankfully only 1/2 mile from our base school). For a gazillion reasons (that I'll refrain from blabbing on about here) Kris and I prefer half day (at least for now!).  But on the other hand, we aren't crazy about having our two elementary kids at two different schools.  Anyway, we ultimately made the decision to stick with half day, and while I feel confident in that decision (for those gazillion reasons I am not blabbing on about here), I will also confidently admit that I am sad that Caleb and Meredith will be at different schools.  Thankfully it's only for this 1 school year, and we know lots of families who will be in the half-day program at this other school (including a few that are in our same situation and will have older siblings at our "base school").  

During our afternoon visit yesterday, I was overcome with lots of emotions.  I can't believe that our Meredith is going to be heading off to Kindergarten!  This is actually the first time we will be doing traditional school for Kinder, since I home schooled Caleb for his Kindergarten year.  Part of me wants to go back to the school office and ask for the registration forms back and keep her home for 1 more year.  But a bigger part of me is very pleased with how Caleb's first year in public school has gone, thus making me very excited for Meredith to experience something similar.   And if you know Meredith at all, you will know how incredibly eager she is for this next step.

Before we left for her preview yesterday, I snapped a few pictures...don't mind the lighting/shadows.  It was crazy sunny in our front yard and I didn't pay too much attention to where she was standing.

 And, later on in the day, we took a few chickies outside for fresh air and some running space.  Meredith loves these animals.  We call her our little chicken mama!

Despite my pleading with my little girl for her to stop growing up so fast, the days are just zooming by.  I am so thankful for our Meredith Grace and am so excited for what's next.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chickie Love

Norah LOVES our chicks (who, by the way, have been moved to a kiddie pool so as to give them more space).  She seriously loves them.  This is evidenced by her shrieks of excitement when she gets anywhere near them and her *ahem* demanding demeanor to have one brought to her as she plops down onto the blanket near their brooder.  Just recently, we allowed her to pick one up and hold it.  Interestingly, she instinctively knew how to scoop one up and hold it fairly gently.  It's pretty cute!  And she is just so pleased when we allow her to hold one.


 This Easter was a great one.  It's especially wonderful to see the kids coming to a greater understanding of who Jesus is, and the significance of His sacrifice for us.


It was 2 Easters ago that Caleb prayed to ask Jesus to come into his heart, and this past Good Friday Caleb took communion with us in "big church" for the first time.   Knowing that communion would be served that night, both Kris and I had some great conversations with Caleb about what communion is and who should take it.  Our church had emailed parents a guide to use as a reference if needed.  It was special to have some great talks with Caleb over these past few days.  Our sweet boy is growing up...with that comes some sadness for sure, but it's absolutely incredible to be in the front row as he learns and develops into an amazing kid.

Made his day to wear shorts to church.
  We went through the Resurrection Eggs this week and as we reviewed each night, I was blown away by how much the kids seem to comprehend, each in his or her own little person way.  They've had no shortage of Easter teachings at church over the past several weeks (weekend church and Tuesday morning church!) which have also been a great help.  They're getting it.  While they still fight and disobey and whine (who doesn't, right?), I have no doubt that God will keep each of them close and ultimately bring them each into a relationship with Himself.

He was freezing...hence, the "constipated" look.
She was also pretty cold, but used it to her advantage to pose pretty cutely.
Definitely not the greatest of our little cutie, but this was the ONLY one of her smiling.
  So as not to forget the reason we celebrate Easter (bunny who?) I decorated the main entryway of our house with some reminders...;)

Our front foyer table...


 Powder room...


 Easter Morning...I don't think I have to reiterate the difficulties of getting 4 small children to smile (and I'm talking about a nice normal smile here) simultaneously.

 Easter Baskets!

After church, we went our to my mom's and dad's, and the weather was was so great to be outside!  My parents had an egg hunt ready for the kids as soon as we arrived and they had a blast hunting for eggs in the yard.

Love this.  Little Princess and her Secret Service Dad.


 Norah loves exploring.  She spent a good amount of time today wandering the yard and "sweeping"...

 The boys are into Star Wars right now.  My parents' yard is perfect for them to chase each other around with light sabers.

 Here comes Shane!

 My Jedi Knights...

 And, my silly girl!

Happy Easter!


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