Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Tree

 When we bought our house, it was winter time.  The night of our inspection followed a huge snowstorm.  We had no clue what to expect from the yard once all of the snow melted away and the grass and plants and trees began to grow once again.  While there are a few things that are not all that lovely (in my opinion) in our yard, there are several trees and bushes that we absolutely love.  

One of the ones that we love is a tree that stands at the corner of our backyard deck.  It provides the perfect amount of privacy for that part of our house (when there are leaves on it!), and the perfect amount of shade over our patio table during the summer.

Here is a picture of the tree this past Spring, just as leaves were starting to bud...

This tree has been beautiful to watch as the weather has gotten cooler.  The leaves have very slowly turned from a perfect green to a perfect red.

As they have fallen, they have provided the perfect leaf-pile-leaves for playing in.

And they've also managed to create a perfectly crimson blanket over part of our yard, our deck, and even our table.

 The tree is almost completely bare now.  

Have a rake?  Bring it on over! ;)


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