Friday, November 8, 2013

Barn Dance

 Tonight, we went to Caleb's school for their annual "barn dance".  The kids have been super excited for the past several days and were thrilled that tonight had finally arrived.  They were eager to wear their cowboy/girl hats and very excited for a stay-up-past-their-bedtime party.  Good times!

Ready to go...yee haw!


 The kids danced/ran around in circles a lot tonight.  

Meredith meshed genres by doing a whole lot of break dancing spinning around on the floor.

 ...and Shane even managed to get in some moves while sucking his thumb.  Seriously, we are going to have to tie this kid's hand behind his back to break the habit someday.

 Caleb broke out some crazy moves that we'd never seen before.  Not sure where he learned them....maybe it's a 1st grade thing?


 They did lots of dancing together which was cute.


 Norah "danced" a bit, but mostly stayed in Daddy's arms.  She was a good girl & kept her bandana on all night.

 And, we're done.


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