Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tiny Dancer - 1st Ballet Class

It's an understatement to write that Meredith has been excited for this dance class.  She has been asking since last Fall to "take dance."  Because of our schedules and a new baby coming last winter, we took gymnastics last Fall instead.  While she loved gymnastics, this whole dance-class-thing is what she's been holding out for.

And the day has finally come for our little ballerina.  She was absolutely giddy to wear her ballerina clothes.  Nevermind that her ballet tights are the smallest size I could find (I am sure I could've looked harder) and they are baggy on her!  She doesn't seem to notice.

The shoes!!

Not sure who she gets this face from. ;)
Waiting for Caleb's bus to arrive, so we can hit the road!
When we got there, she was eager to just go in and get started.  Moms had to wait outside.  There was a small window in the door that we could peek through. 

 I snapped this just before the door closed on us!

 And, sneaking some peeks through the little window...

Our little ballerina loved her class.  Good thing, since we have it every Thursday from now until the end of May!


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