Thursday, September 19, 2013

AWANA 2013

 Last night was the kiddos' first night at AWANA for this year.  And I am actually volunteering in the Puggles class, so it was my first night as well. ;)

Poor Caleb is struggling with pretty bad allergy symptoms right probably can see his red & blotchy & chapped face.  Poor buddy.
 Caleb is in his 2nd year of Sparks.  This boy loooves AWANA.  He's a superstar verse-memorizer, and loves seeing friends.  Two of the boys on his team go to school with him.

 Meredith is in her 2nd year of Cubbies.  Her favorite parts of last night were playing games in the gym (something with bean bags & bowling pins) and coloring.

 And sweet ShanerBug is in Puggles!  He has been so excited for this.  When we got his t-shirt at the church bookstore last weekend, he carried it around saying "I love my blue Puggles shirt, I so excited for Puggles" repeatedly!

Slowly but surely we are all getting settled in at our new church.  It's been a hard transition (mostly for me).  After being so comfortable in a place for 12+ years, a sudden change is shocking to the system.  But, God has been so faithful in so many ways.  One of the major reasons that we decided to find a different church was in the hopes that there would be some overlap with our church friends and the kids' school friends and our local community friends.  We really wanted to be a part of a church that was more "local".  This new church is not small by any standards, so we knew that even though it's in our city, there was no guarantee that any overlap would occur!  Amazingly though, we have met several families whose kids go to the same elementary school that Caleb does...even more specifically, there are 3 boys at church IN first grade at the same school as Caleb....and 1 of those boys (who is on Caleb's AWANA team) is in the same class.  Thankful that God gives us little (and big) glimpses of His faithfulness in the midst of change. 


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