Monday, September 23, 2013

Edward's 2013

 We took our annual trip to Edward's yesterday.  The best part......Kir & E & Z are in town, yay!

I've been to Edward's many many times, and yesterday was by far the busiest it's even been on a day when we were there.  Cars were stopped for a couple of miles down the road, just waiting in line to get into the parking lot.  It was ca-razy.  But so fun, and so worth it! 

The kids were quite antsy in the "car line"....and as much as we all love looking at cornstalks, even that gets boring after a while...


 The cousins were so excited to see each other....the last time they were all together was last Christmas. :(


Off to catch a wagon out to the orchards!

Grandma making sure we don't lose anyone.


Kisses for Grandma
 On the wagon...

Our crew

 Ready to pick...

 Headed back with our loot...

Annual growth chart pics.  I forgot to get one with Norah. =(

And...some fun on the tractors.  Always a highlight.

1st Apple Cider (1/2 of a)Donut!
Another year.


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