Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to the Beach

 Caleb did not have school on Friday (teacher's institute day), and it was HOT, so we headed to Chicago to go back to the beach that we had visited earlier this summer. The kids had a great time.  Caleb & Meredith had a lot of fun swimming.  They played in the sand a bit also, but spent most of the time in the water.  Shane did not want much to do with the lake, but loved digging and playing with trucks in the sand.  Norah loved playing with the sand (and eating it, yuck).  She also liked sitting right at the edge of the water and laughed when the tide would come in & cover her belly.  Auntie Heidi & Uncle Kimball stopped by as well, and the kids were excited to see them.  I was personally thankful they came, because they were a great help to me when it was time to get the kids cleaned up (sand everywhere....) and ready to go home.

Typical Shane face...though he loved digging in the sand, he didn't like his hands being all sandy.

Caleb (of course) made some friends, and a little boy was nice to share his space shuttle with Caleb.
Our view from 31st Street Beach

Norah was exhausted.  She fell asleep while Uncle Kimball carried her back to the car.


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