Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Norah - 6 Months Old & Dedication

 On June 12th, Norah turned 6 months old.  I can't believe that it has already been a half of a year since she joined our family!

Our littlest one is as sweet as ever.  She loves to snuggle and smile.  She is wiggly, though not super mobile yet.  She rolls from her back to her belly, but not belly to back.  She sits independently for short periods of time, but nothing super consistent yet.  She loves to eat solids, and as of this point, has tried several fruits & veggies and just this week some pureed chicken.  She has also had some Puffs, though can't pick them up on her own yet.  She is a great night sleeper, but her naps are often inconsistent.  She is good at going with the flow, like if Biggest Brother has a late t-ball game, or if we run errands during what should be morning nap time. She still spits up a LOT and we are all more than ready for that to be over with!  She loves her big brothers and sister and Caleb is the best at getting her to giggle. 

At her 6 months well visit, she weighed 15 lbs, 12 ounces (43%) and was 26 1/2 inches tall (66%).  She is joyful and sweet and we love her like crazy.

On Sunday, we had her dedicated to the Lord at our church.

 The Bible verse that we chose for Norah is Psalm 97:11 - Light is sown for the righteous and joy for the upright in heart.

We thought it perfectly fitting that Norah was born on Daddy's birthday, and then dedicated on Father's Day!

Father's Day/Dedication Day nap


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