Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Girls/Boys Today: Purples, Plaids and Polos

 As much as I would love to capture that "perfect" picture....everyone smiling at the same time, looking at the camera, perfectly posed, etc., I have to admit that I love to look back on these types of pictures, because they are a much more accurate portrayal of life as we know it...limbs flailing, the baby looking terrified/bored/stressed, thumbs in the mouth, tongues out and all.

 Meredith's purple dress (on loan from the Lewis girls) is currently her favorite thing to wear.  She wants to wear it every day, and anything else I suggest is always compared to this dress.  All other options are apparently not pretty enough, not "twirly" enough, not purple enough, etc...needless to say, she was so very excited to wear it to church today.


My handsome (and silly!) boys...Caleb was working very hard to keep Shane's left thumb out of his mouth.



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