Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's For Dinner? Week 9: Crispy Chicken & Pasta

 The official name of this dish is Crispy Chicken With Creamy Italian Sauce and Bowtie Pasta.  That's quite a mouthful-of-a-name!  I don't typically fry chicken on the stove top....I am much more of a bake chicken or grill chicken kind of girl. So, I was a little afraid that I would either burn the chicken or serve it raw (not that I would actually serve it that way...).  Thankfully, I did neither and it turned out pretty good.  The flavor of the sauce is quite yummy, although there was way too much (in my opinion), so I had to drain it a bit. 

 Click here for the recipe!

Nana & Papa are in town from Florida, and we topped off the meal with brownies and ice cream to celebrate Nana's birthday (which was this past Saturday!)


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