Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Solar System

Caleb is really into the solar system these days.  He loves to look at pictures and videos of the sun, moon, planets, and anything else outer-space-related.  He is also a big fan of rockets.  Oh, and he is going to be an astronaut when he gets bigger...more specifically, he and Bryce (a buddy from school) are going to be space rangers.

So, today, we made the solar system.  We have been talking about doing this project for days (weeks?) and we finally did it.

I had put together a list of how many Styrofoam balls and dowel rods we would need, and what size they would all have to be and was prepared to do some math and measuring when I got to the store.  But, to my pleasant surprise, when we got to the appropriate aisle, I found a solar system set...appropriately sized Styrofoam balls & dowel rods all ready to go.  Who would have thought? =)

First up: figuring out which ball is which planet.

Next up, painting.  Caleb had recently helped me make cake pops, and this was not too unlike that.  He applied our "cake-pop-making-strategy" for some of the smaller planets, and it worked well.  Although, this was way messier!


Mommy had to help a bit....

 The painted planets, drying...

Caleb could hardly wait for morning to come.  It took a while for some of the extra-gloppy planets to dry, but by this morning, they were ready to be assembled.

He loves it!

 We did another, more simple, little solar system craft this morning.  Meredith got in on the action as well.



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