Friday, May 13, 2011

Meredith's 1st Dentist Visit

We took the kiddos to the dentist today. While Caleb has been to the dentist a few times already, this was Meredith's first visit!

She was a bit apprehensive but didn't cry at all. She was such a good girl and listened very well to the doctor's instructions!

Dr. Kyle counted her teeth (she has 16, with her 4 canines mostly in and 4 molars yet to break through) and checked to make sure that everything looks healthy in there (it does)! No cavities for either kid, hooray! =)

Being such a good girl so that Dr. Kyle can check her teeth!

She picked a pink toothbrush.

Thanks Nana and Papa for treating us to Panera afterward!

To read about Caleb's 1st trip to the dentist, click here! (I completely forgot to take pictures at his first visit...oops!)


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