Friday, May 27, 2011

1st Year of Preschool: Completed

Today was Caleb's last day of 3-year old preschool. It has been a really great year. Since September, he has spent each Monday and Wednesday morning in school, and he has loved it. He has grown a lot, learned a lot, and made new friends. Success!

Today was a celebration. Because the program is multi-age (3 & 4 year-olds in class together), some of his classmates are heading off to Kindergarten next year; for them, today was "graduation". It was a really special morning, which included a little ceremony, a slide show of photos from the year, and kind words about each child from Mrs. H. Oh, and cake & punch. =) I may or may not have teared up on multiple occasions...oh man, and to think I've got many more years of this whole end-of-another-school-year-my-babies-are-growing-up thing!

They performed a lot of songs that they sang in class throughout the year - Jesus Loves Me, the Days of the Week Song, and a few others.

Here, I am pretty sure he was singing the Alphabet song...he was really into it!

Just the kids going to Kinder next year wore the official caps/gowns. =)

In this one, they are singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"...

Getting his certificate...

With Mrs. H...

...and Pastor.

Another quick shot before going home...

1st Day of 3-year old preschool (August 30, 2010).

Last day of 3-year old preschool (May 27, 2011).
(The sun made this a less than ideal location for a picture, but I wanted to take one in the same spot as on his first day. Oh, and Caleb picked the pose!)


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