Saturday, February 12, 2011

Toy Story Fun

Caleb loves Toy Story. 1, 2, and 3...he loves them all! His favorite toys from the movies are Woody and Jessie and Buzz and the slinky dog. =)

And, while he never actually adds Mr. Potato Head to that list of favorites, two of his favorite parts from the movies have to do with Mr. Potato Head himself.

In Toy Story 1, Mr. Potato Head makes his pieces crooked, and calls himself Picasso. Caleb has no clue who Picasso is, but he thinks this part is hilarious. So, Caleb's own Mr. Potato Head often gets a "picasso makeover"....

(don't mind the pink headband...)

Another favorite part is in Toy Story one point in the movie, Mr. Potato Head puts all of his parts on a tortilla shell, thus becoming "Mr. Tortilla Head"....again, Caleb thinks this is hilarious. We had tacos the other night for dinner, and we decided that we could (and should) spare a tortilla for the sake of making Mr. Tortilla Head. Caleb did a pretty good job, even though it was a bit tricky to get all of the parts to stick in the shell, which kept ripping.

And yes, his ears are actually tongues. Between him and Mrs. Potato Head, we are down to one set of ears. And they were currently on the Mrs. So, tongues as ears. It works.


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