Thursday, February 10, 2011

One and a Half

Our baby girl is 18 months old today!

Meredith is just as spunky as ever, and her smiles light up our home. Her laugh is seriously contagious. We can't help but laugh when she laughs, and we have all been known to get into giggling fits together as a result of her little antics. =) She has a lot of fun energy, she loves to jump, run, march and dance. She can hold her own during "tackle sessions" with Big Brother and Daddy, but can also be a bit of a drama queen when she decides she is done.

She is a little chatterbox....she has many words that she uses on a regular basis, and seems to be adding new words each day. Just this morning, she added "Bible" to her vocabulary.

She has been adjusting well to being a big sister. While there are moments when she seems a little attention-starved (ie: when I am nursing Shane and she tries to climb right on top of him!), for the most part, she is doing great. She likes to hold him, and always gives him toys, his pacifier, books, etc...

She is still quite tiny....below the 10th percentile in weight, and just above the 10th percentile in height. Although, you would never know that she is so tiny based solely upon the amount of food she consumes. The girl can eat. No doubt she gets that (the eating part, not the tiny part) from her Momma.

We have lots of nicknames for our only daughter....Kris calls her "Princess" or "Sweetie Pateetie". I often call her "Sissy" (as in Sister) or "Little Pickle" or sometimes just "Pickle". Caleb has caught on to these nicknames as well and it is very cute to hear him affectionately use them.

She has a wonderful joy for life, and a sweet innocence that is precious. We love her so much, our special little sweetie-princess-pickle-sister.

Meredith is a true joy, and sometimes I want to "freeze" this stage that she is at. I am trying so hard to enjoy each moment of each day, knowing that these days pass so quickly.


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