Monday, February 28, 2011

Breadstick Letters

Ever since I made these bread stick hearts for Valentine's Day, I have been wanting to make bread stick letters with the kiddos. So, today was the day...

We started with these:

And, we shaped them into letters (and shapes, not pictured) and "painted" them with a mixture of melted butter (yum!) and food coloring. Caleb did not enjoy it as much as I thought he would. He didn't like the "slimy-ness" of the uncooked dough, and wasn't all that into the painting part. But, he humored me and did a little bit before running off to play! =)

There weren't enough breadsticks for Meredith's entire name, so we just made her a big "M", which at this point is the only letter she knows anyway. =) And she would probably have stood on that chair for hours and painted the same spot on her "M" over and over. =)

Ready to go into the oven...

Enjoying the finished product...


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