Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pregnancy Brain

Yesterday I planned to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart before taking the kids for their flu shots. It truly needed to be a quick trip, and I only had 1 (okay, maybe 2) things I needed to get. There was a Wal-Mart on the way to the doctor's office, so I figured that this plan would be a great way to be efficient with our time.

This particular Wal-Mart is under construction, which I knew before going there, so I was prepared to deal with a bit of chaos in the parking lot and even in the store.

So, when I found a nice parking spot, I was pleasantly surprised.

Then, when I noticed that the carts had double seats in front, again I was pleasantly surprised. And, Caleb was really happy, as that meant that both kids could sit "up front". (Since Meredith is still a bit small, she always sits in the front seat of the cart and Caleb sits in the back, and he often makes it very clear that he doesn't like that arrangement.) Once again, a pleasant surprise when I noticed that all the carts had double seats in front. When did Wal-Mart get those? Must be part of their "new look", I thought...

So, I wheeled the kiddos through the front door and was greeted by an employee. As I looked around, I noticed everything looked a bit different, and I assumed that was just an effect of the construction. I asked that employee where the toy section was, and she pointed me in the right direction and said, "we just have a very small section." That seemed weird to me, as Wal-Marts always seem to have a decent-sized toy section, but again I just assumed that everything had been scaled down due to construction.

I began walking around, and headed in the direction she gave me, a little bit in shock at how significantly different everything looked. I had all sorts of thoughts in my head about how the construction must really be causing them to lose money, as their inventory seemed so low in every department.

After about 10 minutes of mulling around and feeling really disoriented, I realized a very important truth.

I was not in Wal-Mart.

Even once I realized that, I was still confused. Well, if I am not in Wal-Mart, where am I then?

Finally, after what seemed like minutes but was in reality probably only seconds, I realized that I was in Sam's Club.

Granted, the two stores are right next to one another, but still....

Unfortunately, because of construction fences that were set up, there was no way for me to just walk next store to Wal-Mart. I would have had to put the kids back in the car, drive around the huge fences to get to the other side of the lot, find another parking spot, get the kids out and into another cart (which probably only had 1 seat in front!) and frankly, I didn't have the time. Or the energy.

So, no quick Wal-Mart trip for me.


Flashback to last summer (2009) when I was very pregnant with Meredith....

Caleb and I went grocery shopping, and it was actually quite a successful trip. We managed to get through the store, get everything on my list (plus more, I would imagine), and with no meltdowns from my son. Success.

After paying for my groceries, I pushed the cart outside. I remember feeling thankful that the grocery shopping was taken care of, and that Caleb was so well-behaved during the process.

I found my car, took Caleb out of the cart, and buckled him into his car seat.

Then I turned to the grocery cart to get all the bags and put them in my trunk.

Only to realize that there was not 1 single bag in my cart.

Yup, sure enough, I had left every bag of groceries at the end of the check-out line. I had walked out of the store with absolutely no groceries. Who does that?!

And I didn't realize it until I got out to my car. Although, I guess that's better than not realizing until I got home!

I got Caleb back out and into the cart again. Embarrassed, I walked back into the store where someone told me that my bags could be found at Customer Service. I can only assume that the people working there thought I might seriously be nuts.


Currently, I have misplaced my phone.
After talking on it just 30 minutes ago.
In my house.

I have looked everywhere. Seriously, I just had it!


Please tell me I am not the only one who does things like this........=)

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I am going to go eat some chocolate now. Maybe my next post will be on pregnancy cravings.

What do you think? Pregnancy Cravings: Myth or Reality? =)


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