Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conversation in the Car

Yesterday, as we were driving around running some errands, I was talking to Caleb about Christmas. Specifically, we were talking about why we celebrate Christmas...that God sent His Son, Jesus, as a gift for us.

But, for some reason, I used the word "present" instead of "gift".

So, when I mentioned that Jesus was a present to us from God, he said....

"No, Barack Obama is the president!"

Yes, I suppose the word "present" does sound a lot like the word "president"!

And yes, Caleb, you are very right! Barack Obama IS our president!

I explained to him that, while Barack Obama is indeed our president, God sent His only Son - Jesus - as a present, or a gift, for us.

Our conversation did not end there.

We talked almost the entire way home about the true Christmas story. And, my little guy got it right again when he said "so that we can live in Heaven one day" in response to the question of why God sent Jesus to earth.

He asked me a lot of questions, about Jesus and Heaven. I pray that the answers I gave him were Biblical yet understandable to his 3-year old mind.

I love my little boy, and his eagerness to know more.

Lord, give us the wisdom to always know how to point him to your Truth.


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