Monday, November 22, 2010

34 Weeks

We've hit the 34 week mark! I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and all my and baby's vitals are looking good. I go back in 2 more weeks, and then every week after that...until Baby Boy arrives. Yikes, this is going by so fast. I also have an ultrasound scheduled in about 2.5 weeks, so they can check the baby's size and position one more time before birth. While they are assuming he won't be as big as Caleb, they want to have a better idea of what we are all working with here!

I am feeling pretty good. Typical discomfort, and my eczema is acting up, but other than that, everything is going well. Although, I have had some strong cravings for donuts these past few days. Kris, being the wonderful husband that he is, went out on Saturday morning to get me some. And today, on my way to the doctor, I may have reached an "all-time-low" when it comes to my pregnancy cravings. I was driving along, and noticed a Dunkin' Donuts truck. I was not aware of where an actual shop in that area might be, so what did I do? What every rational pregnant (do those two words even go together?) lady would do.

Yep, I followed the truck (it was already pulling into a parking lot, so I figured that the Dunkin' Donuts was in the strip mall somewhere!) , hoping that it would lead me to a store.

And it did. And I bought. And I ate. It was wonderful. (Don't worry....I didn't eat as many donuts as shown in the picture above!)

Here's my 34 week belly shot (before the donuts!)...

And, inside that belly? Apparently, Baby Boy is the size of a cantaloupe!


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