Friday, September 24, 2010

Apple Picking

This morning, we went to pick apples at Edward's. It was very cold, cloudy, and windy, which were not the greatest apple-picking conditions, but the kids didn't seem to mind!

Caleb loved the entire process, from carrying the basket to actually picking the apples to putting the ones he picked into the basket. And, he was pretty serious about the whole thing...he was quite particular about which apples he picked....if they had any "yuckies" on them, they didn't make the cut!

While Meredith didn't really pick any, we did pick some for her to put into the basket and to hold. She, just like big brother, loved snacking away, and I am quite impressed at how well she managed to eat such a big apple with her itty-bitty teeth!

The first one...

Grandma and the kiddos...

Meredith's 1st try...

He insisted on carrying the basket until it got too heavy!


Little hands. Big fruit.

Finding some good ones!


So this is what these front teeth are for...

This is serious business...

...and seriously tasty.

Big Bite!

We filled up our bushel (which we'll split with my Mom), and I am looking forward to doing some baking over this next week!

We already have our next trip to Edward's planned...we'll be going back next weekend when my brother is in town. Yay!


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