Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Apple a Day

Well, Fall is definitely in the air (literally!) at our house.

We did a couple of Fall projects today....with the good old Apple as our focus. This morning, we talked about apples, and how they grow. I asked Caleb if he knew where apples grew, and he answered, "on a tree." Right on, buddy. Then we talked a bit about how an apple tree grows....how it starts as a little seed and then grows to be a big tree with yummy fruit. At this point, he said "and I can pick one and eat it!" Again, right on, little buddy! I can't wait to take him apple picking this year!

The first project that we did was an Apple Print Wreath. For step-by-step instructions on how to make this, click here:

The 2nd activity we did was a sequencing activity (the teacher in me is really coming out now!)

I made four simple drawings that illustrated a very basic order in which an apple tree starts as a seed and grows into a big, fruitful tree! (I actually saved the apple seeds from the apple we used to do our Apple Print Wreath for Caleb to glue on to the first picture in the sequence.)

Initially, the 4 pictures were spread out on the table, and Caleb's job was to figure out which order they went in. He knew that apple trees started as seeds, so figuring out the 1st picture was easy. After he glued on that illustration, he immediately assumed that the last picture (the big tree with lots of apples) would come next. So, we had to talk through how a tree starts out little, and gets bigger as time goes on. And how, with water and sunlight, the little tree grows into the big tree with lots of apples for us to eat!

Eventually he got it, and was able to glue them all down in the right order. Then I let him put the number stickers on each picture, which was probably his favorite part!

After naps today, I hope to get to the library to pick up some books about Apples!


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