Monday, June 21, 2010


***UPDATE: Day 1 went well!***

Today was Caleb's 1st day at Vacation Bible School. Because his birthday is late in the summer, and he isn't officially "3" yet, he didn't meet the age requirements for the VBS program at Harvest (our church). I looked into the VBS program at the church where he'll be attending preschool this Fall and technically, he is not old enough for this one either, but they made an exception, and said it was okay to bring him, since he is potty-trained.

So, off we went this a new place, with lots of new faces. I was a little nervous, and I think Caleb was too.

Thankfully, everyone was so nice and welcoming, and I was very thankful to see 2 familiar faces - a former student of mine and her mom!

Parents were welcome to stay for the first part - the introduction and the opening lesson. "Pastor" ( as all the kids call him) was dressed like a pirate to go along with the "High Seas Expedition" theme for the week. While Caleb was obviously a little apprehensive, he did a wonderful job sitting through the lesson and listening (at least I think he was listening) to Pastor talk to the kids about what a "miracle" is.

We left after the kids went to their classrooms for more learning, crafts, games, etc!

There are a few things that I really hope come from this week:

1. Caleb learns more about Jesus.

2. Caleb becomes more familiar with a classroom setting, so he is ready for preschool in 2 months (ahhh!). **While he attends Sunday School regularly, preschool is a whole different ballgame!**

3. Caleb develops a good relationship with his VBS teacher, who will also be his preschool teacher.

4. Mommy learns to "let go" a little bit.....sniff, sniff.

Waiting for everything to start...he loves his name tag!

Listening to Pastor speak...



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