Friday, June 18, 2010


At my old job, I had great know, the typical things...decent retirement, health insurance, vacation days. Oh, and the opportunity to invest in young children's' lives. =)

And sick days.

Ah, sick days. Granted, as a teacher, it was often more tiring to call in sick than it was to just go in to work, no matter how awful I felt. Calling in meant I would have to create new plans for a substitute, which was often more work than actually executing my own plans that had already been worked out (while some subs are fantastic, others are, ahem, not so fantastic).

And, there was always a bit of "damage control" I would have to do on the day I returned after a sub had taken over my classroom. So, sometimes, it was not worth it to actually take a sick day.

BUT. I had the option to call in sick, if I really needed to.

It was a truly great benefit to have.

In my current job (which, for the record, I love more than any other job I could ever have), I don't really get sick days. There's no "substitute" to call to take over my role for the day no matter how sick I feel. There is no option of leaving certain tasks until the next day....things like feeding my children and bathing my children and carrying my children and playing with my children are not things that can wait until tomorrow!

This week I have been pretty sick...I finally went to the doctor today and he confirmed that I have a pretty bad sinus infection and bronchitis. Which, I pretty much knew, but it was good to have it confirmed by a professional so that my hubby doesn't think I am making it up. =)

If I was still a teacher, you can bet that I would have called in sick at least once, maybe twice this week (and I would have just hoped that a good sub was hired to take my place).

You see, that was a great benefit to teaching...the option to take a day off to lay in bed and do nothing but rest in hopes of feeling better soon.

A great benefit indeed.

However, I have realized over this week that the benefits that I have just by being a Mommy far outweigh the option to take a "sick day"...even when I feel as awful as I do.

For example, I have a little boy who has (many times) offered me his beloved blankie because it will make me feel better, a little boy who doesn't mind cuddling on the couch with me to watch Sesame Street because I don't have the energy to play.

I have a sweet girl who gives me countless hugs and slobbery kisses throughout the day, and who smiles at me every time I walk in the room, and doesn't seem to mind that my nose is all red from sneezing so much, or that my voice sounds like a man's.

I have a wonderful husband who works hard all day, yet comes home and does whatever he can to help me out so that I can get even a few moments of rest. Feeding the kids. Bathing the kids. Dishes. Vacuuming. Trips to the store to get me more Gatorade.

I have a wonderful Mom who doesn't think twice about driving over an hour just to get here to spend time with us or to take care of my kids while I go to the doctor.

So, you see, although I may not get traditional "sick days" that I might have had when I worked outside the home, I wouldn't trade my job as full-time mommy for anything.

This job truly has the best benefits ever.

Better than a salary, better than TRS (teacher's retirement), and yes...even better than sick days.


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