Friday, June 25, 2010

VBS in Review!

So, Caleb had a very successful week at VBS. I am so proud of him. This was his first "school" experience, and I couldn't be more pleased. He cried when I left the first day, but that was it. He has been very brave and very obedient. This was our first experience with this church (it's not our home church), and I feel very blessed.

Before leaving for day #5!

To follow up on the "goals" I set for the week (outlined in this post), here we go..

1. Caleb learns more about Jesus.
I would like to think that he did! He had the opportunity to hear a lot of Bible stories, and be reminded of things like "God's Word is true" and "God's Word is life-changing". He has learned some new songs (I have too!) and had the opportunity to bring in items for the church's food pantry each day, along with a daily offering. He came home each day with a letter for us that highlighted what they learned that day. He also came home every day with a very cool craft that he had worked on.

2. Caleb becomes more familiar with a classroom setting, so he is ready for preschool in 2 months (ahhh!). **While he attends Sunday School regularly, preschool is a whole different ballgame!**
At one point this week, Caleb's VBS teacher (who is going to be his preschool teacher) told me that he is totally ready for preschool. This was so wonderful to hear. Caleb has a late summer birthday, so he will most likely be one of the youngest (if not the youngest) child in his class. For the past few months, I have felt pretty confident that Caleb will be ready, but it felt great to have that affirmed by his soon-to-be teacher.

3. Caleb develops a good relationship with his VBS teacher, who will also be his preschool teacher.
I am so thankful that both Caleb and I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Mrs. H (last name not included for privacy!). I think she's great, and Caleb seems to think she is great as well. I am excited for Caleb's preschool experience!

4. Mommy learns to "let go" a little bit.....sniff, sniff.
One morning this week, before VBS officially started for the day, I went to take Caleb to the bathroom. I started to go in with him in case he needed help, but Mrs. H. told me to just let him go in by himself, that he would do just fine. So I did. I stood outside while my little boy managed it all on his own. His shorts were on a little crooked when he came out, but that's okay. =) I know he was proud, because I heard him yell "Mommy, I did it!" as I was waiting outside. He has been potty-trained for a while, but we usually help with the little things, like getting pants up and down, etc. So, to know that he can do it all by himself made me so happy....if not a little sad, because it is hard, after all, to "let go."


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