Monday, April 26, 2010

A Long Way

Caleb has come a long way over the past months.

For example, he used to dislike sweets.

Remember his 1st birthday?
He wasn't a big fan of the cake.

Oh, and do you remember this post?
He loved helping me make the cookies, but didn't like eating them.

Ah yes, he has certainly come a long way in his love of sugar.
We made chocolate chip cookies yesterday.
He wanted to lick the beater and kept sneaking chocolate chips into his mouth.
(Okay, I guess it is not considered "sneaking" when I am standing right there and allowing him to do it!)

Another area in which our little boy has come a long way is this:

He used to wear diapers, you know, as all little ones do...

But, he has surely come a long way in his potty mannerisms, and now officially no longer needs diapers (except at night...we'll tackle that one later!) Wahoo!!!

Caleb, we are so very proud of you. You have worked so hard over these past few weeks to tackle this whole peeing and pooping on the potty thing! Great Job, Captain! This is definitely reason to celebrate....or at the very least, reason to stand on top of 2 upside down bins, sing into your microphone and dance!


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