Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a Home Run...Caleb is ONE!

Caleb's birthday party was a lot of fun. Many of his friends, and lots of his family, came to help him celebrate his special day! We went with a baseball theme, which was a lot of fun to plan. We had baseball food, including hot dogs, nachos, peanuts and cracker jacks. Baseball decorations. Baseball party favors. A baseball cake (which, by the way, I would love to take credit for making....but I did not...see above...SO cute!). Because of our "divided" family, we did not stick to a particular baseball team, but went with blues and reds to represent the Cubs AND the Cardinals! Compromise.....=)

Although Caleb was a little overwhelmed at times by all of the people, and was a "tad" tired from missing his afternoon nap, he was a trooper. Needless to say, he played hard, and then was very ready for bed when the time came.

Posing before the party...


Party Favors....

This is the 1st time the entire Johnson family has been together since our wedding, in April of 2006! (Left to Right: Kyle, Heidi, Meghan, Kris, Caleb, Rhoda, Arlen)

Some friends...

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Although he was not a big fan of actually touching the cake, let alone eating it, he did get very excited when he started clapping, and everyone laughed and clapped with him. He kept clapping, just to see everyone's responses!

When Caleb hears an airplane overhead, he stops what he is doing and points up to the sky, looking around to find it!

Everyone was so generous with their gifts for Caleb...thank you everybody!

At the end of the day, after most people had gone, Caleb and his friend Eila (she is 10 days older than he is) played together. They had a lot of fun pushing the fire truck and the lion around.

After playing in the driveway, Caleb and Eila were quite dirty. So, it was bathtime for both of them!

Before Caleb went to sleep last night, he and I sat together for a while on the rocking chair in his room. We had soft music on and I rocked him. My heart felt a bit heavy as I thought of how quickly these past 12 months have gone by. It hadn't really "hit me" quite yet. In all the busyness of preparing for his birthday and having family in town, I hadn't had much time to reflect. When you have a baby, the FIRST BIRTHDAY is something that, even if subconsciously, you think about, even months and months in advance. I don't mean just the party, but the concept that once your little one hits age 1, so many things change. He can drink cow's milk. He is now considered a "toddler" (although we are still working on learning to "toddle"!). The "baby" toys have been washed and packed away. Of course, all of these things are exciting....watching Caleb grow and learn is so wonderful. But, I can't help feeling a pinch of sadness, thinking about how his 1st year is over.

In those first days and weeks of a baby’s life, that 12 month mark seems so far away! Then, all of a sudden, it is here! Where did the time go? I guess I do know where it turned into many moments of sleeping and eating and playing and learning and growing and hugging and kissing and crying and laughing and smiling. And, that is what helps us to be in the present, and to continue looking forward, cherishing the memories of yesterday, but not getting bogged down in "what used to be".

So, in the quiet and darkness of his room, after everyone had gone home, and it was just me and my baby, I took full advantage of the chance to hold him, rock him, and tell him how much I loved him, over and over and over (in case he didn't hear me the first few times). I know, I grow up, they change, they become more independent. And, I am sure there will come a time when I don't call him my "baby" anymore....but for now, he is still my sweet baby boy.

August 31st, 2007...

August 30th, 2008


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