Sunday, June 14, 2009

Johnson Family Reunion - Dayton, OH

Last Thursday, we set out on a little road trip to Ohio for a Johnson Family reunion. We got back just this afternoon. We had a wonderful time being together with everyone. I especially appreciated meeting some family members that I hadn't yet met. And of course, it was great to see Mom and Dad Johnson again.

The Whole Gang
(minus Uncle Alan, and a whole lot of cousins!)

L-R: Cousin TJ and his wife Kate, Uncle Randy and Aunt Loeta, Heidi, Cousin Charlie, Mom and Dad Johnson, us, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Darrel, Aunt Jerin, Aunt Janet, Aunt Lila and Uncle Glen (in front)

It was a very special and relaxing trip. Our hosts, Aunt Loeta and Uncle Randy made sure we were all well cared for...and very well fed!

Caleb did a great job....he did great in the car going there and coming back, and he did great while we were there. He adapted well to an altered time zone, lots of new faces, and a new home for the weekend. He was especially fond of TJ's and Kate's dog, Pippin. He said "hi, puppy" about 5,000 times in a matter of 4 days! That might be an exaggeration....but, seriously, he said it a lot!

Lots of photos were taken over the are some more...

**Remember, if you want to see the slideshow in a larger format, just click on it!**


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