Monday, June 22, 2009

32 Weeks

Baby Girl is approximately 4 pounds, 10 ounces. An ultrasound this morning prompted our doctor to say "she looks just like Caleb!" From what we could see, she does indeed have some cheeks on her! As each week goes on, I get more and more excited to meet her...although, I am very much okay with her growing inside for a while longer!

Still feeling good, for the most part. I continue to get bigger and slower, which I guess is how it goes. =) My eczema is getting worse, which makes me quite uncomfortably itchy....and I have some other issues that I'll refrain from sharing on this public blog, but other than these minor things, I'm doing well!

Here's my 32 week belly shot (please ignore the sunburn!)...
....less than 2 months to go!!


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