Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Sweet Boy

Caleb and I both have pink eye again. It's quite frustrating, considering I thought that I was doing a pretty good job of laundering, Lysoling, Cloroxing, etc. So, we are both back on drops, which thankfully, have been helping.

Caleb also face-planted yesterday on the hardwood floor while he was playing, and got a pretty bad fat lip. The poor guy! He wouldn't keep ice on his lip to help the swelling...but, Grandma had a genius idea - a popsicle! That was much more appealing, and seemed to help some of the initial swelling.

Despite these, and other "ailments" over the past couple of weeks, Caleb has continued to be (for the most part!) his happy self! While at times a bit clingier and whinier than normal, he has been pretty tough. Much tougher than his Mommy, that is for sure .=)

Here's a picture of our sweet boy from the doctor's office yesterday.

Swollen eye. Swollen lip.

But, he still looks pretty cute to me!


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