Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deck the Halls

This afternoon, we decorated the Christmas tree! Last year, Caleb was only 3 months old, and he wasn't all that interested in the process. This year, on the other hand, he was much more "involved". Hot chocolate, Christmas music, and the snow outside added to the fun! Highlights for Caleb were sorting out the lights, dancing to the music, watching the candle flame, and throwing the ornaments that looked like balls (we kept the glass ones packed away). We had fun watching Caleb enjoy himself, as well as remembering where and when we received some of the special ornaments we have. This is the last year for our little is on its "last limb" and will most likely be sent to tree heaven after this Christmas.....Kris has promised that next year we will get a REAL tree!

Caleb loved the lights (no surprise there) and loved having the Christmas music on so that he could dance. Dancing is one of Caleb's favorite hobbies. Music in the car, at church, on our cell phones, or from the T.V. really get him in a groove. Although this video only depicts a limited range of his skills, he has in fact mastered "the bounce" (bouncing up and down...this move is shown below), "the shake" (twisting his hips from side to side) and "the conductor" (waving his hands as if directing an orchestra). Sometimes he also "sings". He definitely gets his dancing skills from Daddy.

Here are some snapshots of the evening...


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