Thursday, December 11, 2008

"What's With All the White Stuff?"

I have been wanting to take Caleb out in the snow, but was waiting for a sunny day...and, today was beautiful!

It was an interesting experience. It took about 15 minutes for me to get all of his "gear" on....more time than we probably spent outside! That's goal was to get him used to walking in his boots, wearing his mittens, and just being in the snow.

He did have a bit of trouble walking (think of Ralphie in The Christmas Story) and was frustrated about the limitations his mittens placed on his fingers!

I wouldn't say that he is ready to go snowboarding, but, I am confident that the next time we go out to play (hopefully a sled will be involved) he'll be a little more sure of himself and all of the white stuff surrounding him!

"relearning" how to walk in the big boots...

checking out the white stuff on his mittens...

the honest truth about this picture?
he fell, and couldn't get back up.
yes, of course, i helped him...

"warming up" to this whole idea...


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