Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Chicago

It has been a busy, but very fun, few days!


We celebrated Christmas, and the days surrounding it, in Roscoe. It was a full house at my parents'. Kirsten and Jon are in town from Arizona...and, it has been great to spend time with them.....though Caleb does not get to see them all that often, he quickly warmed up to them and has loved being with them both.

We had a wonderful was great to be with family, and to relax. We decorated the tree together on Christmas Eve and had our traditional egg strata and monkey bread on Christmas morning. We had lots of cozy fires, ate (way too much) good food, and as always, had a great time just being with family. We are very blessed and are thankful for all that God has provided for us.

Although these past days have been wonderful, we have missed Kris's parents and siblings. Heidi went to visit Mom and Dad Johnson in Florida, and Kyle is in Idaho. We miss them, and hope to see them soon.

Here are "a few" photos from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning....if you would like to see the slideshow in a larger format, click on it and it will be enlarged for you. **Note to time we have a family get together, we have to take some photos so that my dad can actually end up in some of the pictures!

Chicago - Happy 30th Birthday, Jon!

Yesterday (the 27th) was Jon's 30th birthday...we celebrated by spending the night downtown Chicago. Caleb took his first Metra ride, as well as his first cab ride! We had a great dinner at Sullivan's, and of course, played a game of Celebrity. It was fun to be able to be with Jon on his special day!


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