Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why we are thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Although we could probably list many more,
here are just some of the things that we, as a family, are thankful for...
Jesus and His sacrifice. This alone is enough, but He has blessed us with so much more...
Our families...
Our friends...
Our church and our Small Group....
A nice home that is perfect for our little family and is just big enough to provide a bed for someone in need...

Some other things that Kris is thankful for:
"a hot mama for my sweet son"
"my sweet son"
"a fun job"
"baseball (and that Albert is a St. Louis Cardinal)"

Some other things that Meghan is thankful for:
"a great husband and a wonderful little boy"
"God's provision and grace"
"hot coffee...=)
"laundry machines"

Some other things that Caleb is thankful for:
"my mommy and daddy"
"my blankie"
"my warm winter coat and hat"
"grandmas and grandpas"
"the play area at the mall"


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