Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Buddies

Caleb and Jackson

Our friends, Paul and Natalie, have a little boy - Jack. He is 7 months (he'll turn 8 months just 2 days after Caleb turns 15 months later on this week). Last night, they invited us over for dinner, so the boys got a chance to "play"...they see each other pretty regularly, at playgroup and at church. Although 7 months seems like a big difference now, soon it will not seem like much at all! It is a blessing to have friends in the beginning stages of parenthood as we are. And, it is wonderful to give Caleb the opportunity to spend time with his friends! Thanks, Paul and Natalie, for having us over for dinner! And, thanks Jack, for being a good little buddy to Caleb!

"jumping" on the ottomans...

playing with pots and pans...


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