Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lucky Number 7!

Our little girl is 7.  So hard to believe!  She is equal parts sweet and sassy and takes after her Momma in great ways and challenging ways. I love watching her grow up, even though I often long for the days when she fit snugly in the crook of one arm.

She is determined, focused, loyal, and independent. She is nurturing, helpful, and a good friend. She loves Math, Legos and puzzles, climbing trees, and playing sports. She loves to carry her purse full of essentials (extra ponytail holders and chapstick of course!) and still loves pretty dresses. 

Showing off the manicure Grandma took her to get!
  Starting off the day with some Birthday Traditions....decorated door with 7 balloons and Breakfast Out with Dad.


A few presents before Daddy left for work...

This girl loves her some Beanie Boos!
After an afternoon at the pool with friends, and homemade mac-and-cheese for dinner (birthday girl's request), we went to Forever Yogurt.

Caleb has been sick, so rather than a family trip for fro-yo, just Meredith and I went.  It was fun to spend some 1-on-1 time with my sweet girl.

Happy Birthday Meredith!

We've loved you since the moment we knew of you...

And we will love you forever and always!


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